Our Team

We are Hi-Vis Overland.  We are an overland company that offers other overlanders, whether your new to the lifestyle or seasoned, gear that have and will survive the bucket list type trails.  We are so blessed to be able to travel as much as we do.  In June, Brad set out to conquer the Trans-America Trail.  If you haven't heard of the trail, you should check it out!  

Our mission is to provide the most affordable gear with the highest possible quality for the hard working blue collars out there!  While we are out on the trails, we also strive to be safe and seen!  Stand out where it counts!    

Photo Credit- Murray Rudd  Instagram: tendrelimages

Photo Credit- Murray Rudd

Instagram: tendrelimages

Brad Self

US Navy Veteran, Shop Owner


Pyper and Kei, The Huskies

These fine women are slowly getting introduced into the lifestyle.  Pyper, the red husky, is the oldest of the two.  Kei is the black and white husky.  

Where we've been

Georgia Traverse

Trans-America Trail

Kentucky Adventure Tour

Continental Divide Trail (Denver, CO to Whitefish, MT)