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Inside Basecamp- 2SEPT2019

Posted by Brad Self on

Step inside Basecamp.  This is the first edition of "Inside Basecamp!"  I fIrst want to introduce Hi-Vis Overland to everyone who hasn't heard of Hi-VIs Overland and get everyone up to speed on what's going on here in South Carolina.

Hi-Vis Overland.  It's my outdoor passions that have morphed into a passionate business.  There are many views of my story.  Views of a little kid getting his first mountain bike to be like his big brother.   Views of a teenager getting his first set of keys to his dream vehicle.  Even an 18-year-old man stepping foot onto his first United States Navy aircraft carrier.  There are many ways that this story could lead to Hi-Vis Overland and they all do.  I was given the passion for the outdoors as a kid by my brother.  I was given the Jeep passion by hearing stories of my dad with his old Jeep truck and when he worked on the old CJs.  My passion for traveling was provided by the US Navy and my decision to serve my country.  Mix all of these stories and it will lead you to Hi-Vis Overland.
The idea of Hi-Vis Overland started as just a way for me to camp at the traIl head without having to drive all the way home after riding a few hours away.  It has now evolved into so much more.  The trail head camping idea has now turned into an amazing basecamp.  Hi-Vis Overland has had the "Stand out where it counts" slogan since pretty much the beginning.  This safety slogan was influenced by many safety briefs in the Navy due to working around aircraft.  There are many things out there that can cause you harm. What if you're hurt... your camo tent or earth toned gear isn't going to signal or help be a beacon for assistance.  Well don't worry, that's my goal.  I am flooding our markets with safety influenced gear.  No, not everything has to be orange... even though it would be sweet!  As Hi-Vis grows and evolves, so will our gear and technology.

I knew I had bit off more than I could chew, but that kind of seems to be what I do in life.  I set out on a life changing journey along the TransAmerica Trail.  At the time it was 5,000 miles from Western NC to Southwestern OR.  Hi-Vis Overland was created somewhere around Utah just before Salt Lake City if I'm not mistaken.  I was really set out on that trail because I wanted to find out what I was supposed to do in life and it took me roughly 9 days to realize that I was right where I needed to be.  There were some ups and downs to that trip which I will write more about in upcoming entries.  The beta tent that I slept in for the TransAmerica Trail is what I now call the Crag Rooftop Tent.  It is the flagship of Hi-Vis Overland and will always be my favorite tent.

Hi-Vis Overland.  It's my outdoor passions that have morphed into a passionate business.  There are many views of my story but I want to hear yours!

Hi-Vis Overland Military Overland Passion TransAmerica Veteran

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  • I have been looking at the CVT- Tent. I have a second Opinion NOW… I certainly remember -the days walking the flight deck & chasing around the F14 to get it loaded with more Ordnance! IYAOYAS….


    Ross on
  • Awesome story! We look forward to readying more.

    Outdoor Adventure Research on
  • Great read! Very cool to get the back story of where you came from and how you got into this lifestyle.
    As always THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE to this great country!!!

    Hank on
  • Awesome story and thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more.

    Staton on

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