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Inside Basecamp- Level out your ladders!

Posted by Brad Self on

Que the suspenseful music and sound effects as I pull out one of the first official HVO Ladder Legs that I've been using with the sliding ladders.


Rooftop Tents come with two ladder options, the telescopic ladder and the traditional sliding ladder. The simpler designed sliding ladder has made its way to the standard equipment list for Hi-Vis Overland Explorer Series Tents.  The sliding ladder wasn’t chosen as the standard ladder to drive future sales for upgrading to the telescopic ladder.  It was chosen for its simple, effective, and proven design.  I personally started out with the telescopic ladders with the Aerie2 Tents and I grew to absolutely avoid them.  I found that there was an increased risk of pinch points when stowing the ladder when folding up the tent which caused me to not offer the telescopic ladders anymore.  As I updated the ladders for all of the future tents to be equipped with the sliding ladder I met a now great friend Mike.  He was having issues with his own rooftop tent ladder when camping on uneven terrain.  Which if you frequently notice that you’ll never camp on a level surface.  He had a solution that he wanted to show me and so we met over supper.  He introduced his solution to me and showed how they attached and worked.  I instantly wanted to try the legs out to get some feedback for him.  With tremendous interest, we evolved the ladder legs, and this is how the HVO Ladder Legs came to be.  After we had some growing pains with figuring out how we would be able to make more of these ladder legs in a timely manner, getting quotes from shops that were insanely high, and just getting overwhelmed with life in general we decided to take matters in our own hands.  Fast forward to 2020!  The ladder legs are cut out by laser to get amazing quality and precise clearances then welded up in house at the HVO Shop.  We are relying on an outside shop to powder coat the ladder legs until we get the proper equipment for in house coating.  Now that Hi-Vis Overland has a solid process for the sliding ladder legs I want to shift focus to the telescopic ladder legs.  There are a lot of similar ladders that are telescopic. Some of the ladders offered by other tent companies are like the early versions that I try to avoid using now.  The new telescopic ladders that will be offered by Hi-Vis Overland will be much safer and easier to use!  Overall the older style HVO telescopic ladders, which the majority of the other companies still use, and the new telescopic ladders that HVO will have in stock are hard to spot the differences.  The difference of the base diameters will make the Telescopic Ladder Legs a little more challenging to manufacture since it will be much more tent company specific.



So for those of you with a telescopic ladder on your rooftop tent and are interested in the HVO Ladder Legs please reach out to me, Brad.  My email address is info@hivisoverland.comand I can walk you through how to measure your ladder. I will offer a discount for those of you who help out!  I will keep track of the different models and information provided.  So, if the information about your specific brand and ladder hasn’t been taken you’ll get a one-time 25% off discount for the HVO Telescopic Ladder Legs!  If you could provide me with all the known information about your specific brand and model rooftop tent you have and then we will get busy building the ladder feet specific to your ladder measurements you provide.

Hi-Vis Overland Ladder Legs

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