Featured Customer-September

There is a new form on the website for a Featured Customer!  This allows all of the Hi-Vis Overland customers to submit photos and information about their rigs.  Also it allows them to speak about how they were introduced to overlanding and how the passion is fueled.  Some use overlanding as something to fill voids that have remained untouched since serving in the military or maybe the individual finds being out in the backcountry closer to lost loved ones.  Whatever it may be Hi-Vis Overland would love to get to know each and everyone of you more.  HVO considers all customers family.  If you would like to take the time to fill out the form now or over the next month, HVO will be picking a featured customer at the end of August.  HVO will get in contact with the lucky winner through the email that was provided on the submission form.  We ask that you submit some images of your rig also.  We will post these pictures on this blog and also in social media (Instagram and Facebook). We will tag you in these pictures as the images post.  


Thank you,