Not on the trails for Christmas.

This chilly Christmas for my family was spent in DC visiting my brother and his wife.  During Thanksgiving we had planned the meal and so of course I sent Clint a text for some wild boar chops and duck breast.  The day was quite lazy as we watched some tv and got ready for our parents to get into town.  Typically I’m preparing meals from the back of the jeepsomewhere along some trail.  So I had some adjusting to do.  I don’t know about everyone but there’s always something that I forget or run out of when I need it and this time it was cayenne pepper seasoning.  I found a replacement seasoning that seemed to fit in perfectly to the recipe.  I ended up using Habanero Lime Seasoning.  The duck recipe called for 4 breast but the duck breast Clint had for me seemed a lot bigger than what the recipe called for.  So I doubled the maple syrup mixture.  Overall I followed the recipe I had to cook the duck a little bit longer in the pan and in the oven due to some preferences on the meat.  While I finished up the duck I began to prepare the wild boar chops.  I didn’t use a recipe for the chops.  I searched and searched for the recipe Iused when I first made these chops while I was on the Georgia Traverse this spring with my good buddies, Chris and Lauren.  So I kind of just winged it.  After seasoning the chops with some salt and pepper, I pan seared the chops on either side for a couple minutes.  I previously prepared some chipotle butter that I had in the freezer to solidify.  I placed some butter into the pan and waited for it to get frothy then Iplaced the chops in and finished off cooking them.


Hi-Vis wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas!