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Hatch RTT
Hatch RTT
Hatch RTT
Hatch RTT
Hatch RTT

Hi-Vis Overland

Hatch RTT


Hi-Vis Overland has been working on bringing a variation of hardshell tents back to the line up.  The Hatch is the second to hit the line up.  The Hatch is a clam shell design hardshell tent with the opportunity to carry gear on top so you won’t have to sacrifice your roof rack space with a tent that can’t carry anything.  You will be able to store up to 100lb worth of gear when the tent is closed.  

The Hatch sleeps 2 people in its 56” wide by 85” long footprint.  It’s easy opening and closing makes for fast setup times and even faster pack up times.  The weight of the tent comes in at 150lbs.

The Hatch tent is less than 7” tall when closed!  The accessory channel on the perimeter of the tent allows you to attach some awnings and also we will be making more accessories specifically for this tent!  Once you get your HVO Cross bars for the top of your new Hatch you’ll be able to take your kayaks, skis, snowboards, and even bikes with you.  


Roof Rack Requirments:

  • Crossbar rating: 150 lbs.
  • Minimum crossbar length: 40″
  • Minimum distance between bars: 30″
  • Preferred distance between bars: 36″- 42″
  • Crossbar maximum size: 4″ wide 3″ tall
  • Preferred number of cross bars: 3


Tent Size- 56”x 85”
Tent Body- 280g PU-coated and UV protective ripstop canvas
Shell Material- Aluminum
Ladder- 8.5’ Telescopic Ladder
Mattress- approximately 3” thick mattress with Anticondensation mat
Mounting- Stainless Steel Mounting Rails and hardware