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**PREORDER- Pivoting Antenna Mount for WeBoost

Hi-Vis Overland

**PREORDER- Pivoting Antenna Mount for WeBoost


Are you’re mounting your antenna in a truck bed or anywhere exposed to possible damages?  Take a look at our Pivot Mount for your WeBoost antennas!  Instead of just rotating it one way you have a choice.  Rotate it left or right to get it out of potential harms way.  To  rotate the antenna in the vertical position or in the stowing position just pull the pin and rotate.  Just don’t forget to install the keeper pin back in to hold the antenna in your desired position.

When stowing your WeBoost antenna, there’s one additional step and that’s securing the top end of the antenna.  Mount the supplied mount and make sure the antenna is secured when not in use!  Our suggestion is to mount the antenna to where the antenna hinges or pivots towards the rear of the vehicle.  It will make the top of the antenna becoming the trailing edge which will greatly reduce snags!